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Violent Pretties

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Three Types [Jun. 16th, 2013|10:20 pm]
Violent Pretties


This all started with the prompt: The day of the draft left them both uncertain of what would happen next.                                                                                                                                         Pairing: Randy Orton/Ted Dibiase                                                                                                                                      Rating NC17  

The day of the draft left them both uncertain of what would happen next, but Cody never thought Ted--his Teddy Bear would end up in the arms of Randy Orton....in ways he was relieved because of course the 3 of them had history and Randy took care of his own but on the other hand he knew that when Randy sunk his fangs into someone that it was pretty permanent. You see there were 3 types of people in Randy's life...the true one night stands that he never touched again...the ones he kept around for a rainy day (willing playmates if you will) and then the 3rd type...the type he claimed "for good". And when Randy claimed you for good that meant in every way...personally, professional, sexually, financially...not the Ted needed the financial help but Randy was a Dom and Ted hated to admit it but he definitely was Randy's sub…so what if he fought it at times--Randy liked a challenge.
As Cody reflected little did he know that miles away Ted was doing the same thing, Ted knew how screwed up this was but he didn’t care...it felt right…almost as right as he and Cody had. But that was over now and he wasn’t the “mature” one in this relationship…No he wasn’t thinking about age…Randy was in control...Ted had dabbled in this sort of relationship before but never found the right person to pull it off, until now….he had already resigned himself to the fact the he belonged to Randy, he just wasn’t ready to outwardly admit it.  But as Randy told him in the beginning of this…you don’t have to admit anything for it to be so.

“Whatcha thinking about Teddy Bear?” Randy asked from the door way
“I really wish you wouldn’t call me that”, Teddy sighed
“I know, but I’ll call you whatever I feel like at the moment”, stepping closer he started rubbing Ted’s shoulders.  “Sheesh you’re tense, what are you thinking about?”
“Stuff, memories, the way things are now.”
“Hmm, well don’t get too wrapped up in memories—we have plans for tonight.”
Ted looked up slowly, “We do.”   “Yes, dinner plans—meeting up with a few people.”
“Who”, Ted inquired.  “Doesn’t matter, what does matter is your behavior.”  “I’ve been to a dinner before Randy, I think I can handle it.”  Digging his fingers into Ted’s shoulder muscles Randy leaned down and spoke into his ear, hot breath putting him on edge,  “Yes you have, but this time I expect you to be very well behaved or else I may be in the mood to punish you in front of everyone.” Ted shuddered and nodded, Randy had his ways and he wasn’t in any rush to test him in public—he did enough of that in private.

Dinner had gone well but on the way home Ted’s good boy act started to crumble. He loved and hated how Randy could command him with a look or a simple phrase that seemed harmless enough. Ted wanted to rebel, wanted to fight, wanted to push and if he had to hear Randy say ‘that’s a good boy’ one more time tonight he was going to come unhinged.

Randy glanced over and saw Ted’s wheels turning; he kept quiet but did smirk to himself. Yep Teddy was thinking about being a very bad boy and that was fine with Randy as he so wanted Ted to give him a reason to punish him in every way imaginable. It had been a while since he had taken him so hard that he couldn’t walk straight for days after. Randy admitted to himself that he had been slipping; he had been allowing Ted leeway however Ted needed to know where those limits were and Randy was going to be the one reminding him.

Randy kept quiet until they pulled into the driveway and when he spoke he couldn’t hold the smile from his voice, “Teddy be a good boy and go on into the house. Go upstairs and wait for me, I’ll be up in a bit. Oh and Ted leave everything at the front door.”

Ted looked up and stuttered, “Excuse me”
“Was there really anything unclear about what I just said?” Pausing Randy looked at Ted and then continued, “You have a simple task, so I suggest you don’t keep me waiting.”

Ted shook his head in disbelief and then opened the car door; rearing back he slammed it, and ignored Randy’s rant as he walked up the front steps. Oh yes Ted had just about enough, consequences be darned he wasn’t bowing his head in submission without a fight so to speak, and fully aware that it could turn into a physical battle along with the emotional one he let himself in and began his task as Randy had put it.

Taking his shoes and coat off was the easy part, shirt not too hard.  He sat his phone, wallet and keys in the drawer of the table kept by the door for that very reason.  Ted then sauntered upstairs still in his jeans, stopping to use the bathroom on the way and then planted himself with his legs hanging over the arms of a chair in the corner of the room and waited patiently.

Coming through the front door Randy glanced down, only half the clothes that should be there were, an evil smirk spread across his face going all the way to his eyes, shaking his head he called out loudly enough so Ted could hear him, “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for you to give me a reason Theodore.  Make you a deal you lose the rest of your clothes by the time I get up there and I won’t mark where anybody can see, If you don’t all bets are off.” Randy heard what he thought was a loud huff as an answer, so he started upstairs toward his bedroom.

He’ll mark me wherever and whenever he wants, told me so when I politely asked him not to mark me where anybody could see and then proceeded to leave bite marks along my body as he had me trussed up like a thanksgiving turkey, so the way I figured it: doesn’t matter if the clothes are off or on by the time he gets up here.

Minutes later Randy entered his bedroom, shutting the door behind him---the intent being door is shut you won’t be opening it. Ted hadn’t stripped, Randy mused “Teddy you are testing me today.”  “I’m not trying to, I’ve just decided I wasn’t going to just lay down at your whim” 

Randy walked toward him bending down placing his hands on the arms of the chair and nuzzled Ted, “Oh Teddy Bear you know I like the fight, but I’m in the mood for rough and the more you disobey the rougher it will be. You’ll get comfort eventually, but we have a rare week and a half off and I could drag this out for days.”

Straightening Randy moved about the room, putting things away, stepping out of his shoes, hanging up his jacket, using the bathroom—allowing Ted to think. Ted thought about giving in for about a split second---he signed up for this “game” and he wasn’t about to just submit—no Randy would earn his submission and Ted was prepared to take the wrath that would be coming, knowing that eventually he would be rewarded and that, that was worth it all.

“Have you made your decision Theodore?” Randy called as if he couldn’t read his boys answer without the words.

“As you make me earn rewards, privileges, and comfort I will make you earn my submission.”

“Very well, come here.”   “I’m quite comfortable where I am.”  Then there was no warning, no other requests there was just Randy as he stalked over, placed himself between the chair and the wall and shoved the chair forward causing Ted to tumble onto the floor, before Ted could stand Randy stepped on his hand, pinning it to the floor and sat in the chair.  Ted tried to drag his hand from underneath Randy’s foot and earned a kick in the chest causing him to sprawl backwards.

There was space and Ted could get to the door and out of it, but he played that card before and had gotten more than he had bargained for.  He was intent on making Randy earn his submission but he wasn’t completely stupid: no running, no leaving the room Randy has him in, no begging for forgiveness for his bad behavior (yet).  No simply allow Randy to control the pace and play it piece by piece.

“You know Teddy Bear, I’ve been waiting for you to misbehavior for so long.  Well at a level where I could really punish you, remind you who you belong to---not just everyday misdemeanors that we take care of quickly---not the kind of sins that have been building and building: your refusal to do things when asked, your mouth and the inability to keep it shut at certain times, your adventure with Codes. (At that Ted swallowed loudly as he glanced down before glancing back up to meet Randy’s gaze.) Oh  yes I knew about that, you saying you would behave and go back to the hotel and wait for me even though I’d be late.  What did you do instead Teddy?  (Randy was circling him now and kneeled down grabbing a hand full of hair and pulling back causing a yelp.) You went and had a fun filled evening with Codes and Manu and I’m sure a few girls.  You could of asked but you didn’t because you would have been told no due to behavior over the past few days.  And your wandering eyes, I’ve seen the looks you give to a certain someone whenever he passes by.”

Ted had been silent up to this point but jumped in , “Just because I find someone attractive doesn’t mean I don’t want to be with you.  Doesn’t mean I’m going anywhere. Just means I want some of the same freedoms you have.”

Lowering his voice Randy nuzzled Ted’s neck and cheek bending in close to his ear he said, “That’s what this is all about isn’t it?  I make the decisions, I make the rules—you do not. Therefore I believe it is time to remind you of those things.”  Randy stood and walked to get something out of his closet,

Ted took the opportunity to stand and stretch and called out “And if I don’t care that you’ll remind me, if I choose to ignore your authority?”

Randy stood quietly still looking for something in his closet and softly spoke, “Oh I know you care Theodore, you just need reminded about how strict I can be, later I’ll remind you of the wonderful rewards you can get when well behaved.”
And with that Randy spun around with a thick belt in his hand, catching Ted across the jaw with it effectively stunning him and knocking him down—he hit him twice more around the ribs and several times across the back. Pinning him down with his body weight Randy effectively cuffed Ted’s hands behind him and began dragging a kicking, screaming Dibiase up to the bed. Kneeing him in the gut Randy retained the upper hand and rearranged the cuffs to his liking attaching Ted to the bed.

Ted’s breath was labored and he pulled twice on the cuffs, nope he wasn’t going anywhere. He felt something wet and warm on his cheek and flicked out his tongue catching a drop of blood from where Randy had hit him across the face with the strap. Flicking his tongue again he locked eyes with Randy who was practically salivating at the sight of blood and his boy tasting it. Randy leaned down and took a taste, tossed his head back, breathed deep and let out a small moan. Running his hands down Ted’s frame Randy toyed with him momentarily before racking his nails down the sides sending Ted into a fit that was between a tickle and deep scratch, leaving marks but not breaking skin.

“Theodore I do believe I told you to leave everything by the door, let’s loose these shall we.’ Randy ran his hands around the band of Ted’s slacks and unbuttoned them and then gripped roughly taking down both his boxers and his pants in one stroke.  Randy then started at Ted’s feet with that strap hitting and enjoying the hiss that Ted emitted.  When Randy made it to the inner thigh he skipped forward and marked him all the way up to his neck, stopping again he moved down, hit him in the inner thigh and sucked in on Ted’s manhood causing an in pain Dibiase to buck up. Digging his fingers into Ted’s hips Randy put him back down and continued his oral assault, lifting up leaving a trail of saliva Randy latched on to Ted’s neck while keeping a  hand wrapped forcefully around Ted’s cock.

“Randy…” Ted started and then shut himself up momentarily, “Randy please don’t….”
“Please don’t what Teddy, don’t do this” and with that Randy bit down on Ted’s neck causing a scream that would of made you thought Ted was being killed. As Ted struggled Randy cinched it in more, finally satisfied he pulled back, there was blood but only a little but the mark would be there for days maybe even longer than the week and  a half they had off.  Sliding off the bed he uncuffed the aching DiBiase flipping him over- recuffing and then walking away.

Minutes passed and Ted turned his head and realized how sore his neck already was, he had tears in his eyes but he wasn’t ready to submit.

There was no warning, Ted never knew it was coming he just felt and he screeched immediately as the cat o nine tails hit him. The strips of leather hitting several places at once, and Randy wasn’t playing, felt like they were ripping flesh. After several minutes Ted heard, somehow over his sobs Randy say “That’s beautiful, you should see it Teddy Bear”.  Randy moved to the head of the bed and brushed Ted’s tears out of his eyes long enough for him to see clearly checking for submission and Randy smiled, it wasn’t quite there, but verbally checked to see if Ted was still committed “You ready to submit yet my boy?”

Ted sobbed and then answered, “No you sick son of a bi…, “ He was cut off by Randy shoving himself into his mouth and continued to move at a break neck pace stretching Teddy’s mouth and throat with the length and girth of his manhood, reaching down Randy felt to see how Ted was and found him hard, smirking he said “Can’t deny it DiBiase, being punished and you are still hard for me.”  With that Ted tried to get away from Randy and catch a breath but wasn’t allowed. “If you suck Teddy I might stop sooner rather than later, come on you know you like to please me.” It was true Ted did and before he could stop himself he was sucking and licking and to his surprise Randy let up on the pace. Randy allow himself to enjoy it momentarily and then pulled away leaving Ted empty.

Minutes later and Randy began working on Ted’s pucker, which sent Ted squirming. Randy pulled himself upon Ted’s back and pulled his head back by a handful of hair and assaulted Ted’s bruising neck. Licking the shell of his ear Randy spoke, voice filled with want and said one command “Kneel”, pausing for a moment he moved off his back and said “I won’t ask again and you’ll get no prep boy.” Ted quickly scrambled to his knees and heard a laugh that made his whole body blush. He then breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the snap of a bottle being opened and felt the cool liquid coat his crack and then wet fingers beginning to probe again.

Randy stretched him but not as much as he would of liked, scissoring his fingers one last time Randy shoved in without warning and Ted began to beg, “Randy, slow down, Randy please, Randy stop please I’ll be good, just slow down I can’t take it, please.”

“You can take it, bitch. Now shut up and ride.” Randy grunted and pulled back on Ted’s hips leaving almost instant bruises and continued pumping, reaching down he felt that Ted was still hard so he worked him and when he felt Ted getting close would clamp down and stop him from having relief, over and over as Randy somehow controlled himself and Ted.

Finally Ted, whose head had been held high throughout this last ordeal lowered his head and cried out, “Randy I’m yours, I’m sorry, I’ll try to be a better boy, please end it, please I’ll be good.” Randy paused and said “That’s all well and good, but you know what you have to say.” Randy began the assault again with renewed vigor as Ted’s little speech had almost had him going over the edge. It took mere seconds but to Ted it felt like a life time, “Randy you have my submission, you’re the boss. I submit.” And with that Randy quit impeding Ted and allowed himself to fall over the edge coming in long spurts and collapsing over Ted.