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Violent Pretties

Wrestling Fan Fiction

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This purpose of the community is simple. It's for the posting, reading and discussion of wrestling fan fiction. Discussion includes getting feedback or asking for advice and help. You can also post what we call "Pics that inspire Fics". Which means you can post picture of wrestlers as long as it has to do with writing a story. Any kinda of wrestling fiction is welcome, slash, het or anything in between. There are a few rules, follow them and we'll all get along fine

1. No bashing of other members, only constructive criticism . In other words if you didn't like a story and want to reply say it in a mature way letting them know what you think could be better.

2. All stories must have ratings posted, from G to NC-17. Also if your story contains slash that must be in the rating.

3. This goes along with #2. Read the ratings and content, that's what they're there for. If you don't like things with slash or strong sexual content, skip those stories. Don't read them and then say "eww that's sick" or something along those lines.

4. All stories and post with more then 2 pictures must be posted with an Live Journal cut. Don't know what Live Journal cut and other Live Journal specific tags are? Go HERE

5. Respect other members, no fighting will be tolerated in this community

6. Break any rules you get warned once, after that your banned from the community.

7 Have fun posting, reading and discussing the fics!

This community was created and is maintained by


Trina And Crystal at Fan Fiction.Net

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If you're a member and you have a site you want added to the list, either post in the community or email us about it at: trina_crys@yahoo.com.

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